DbFace Changelogs

v9.8 (BuildID 20210110) (2021-01-10)

  • added More scripts layout prepare
  • fixed Minor style fixes and improvements

v9.8 (BuildID 20210103) (2021-01-03)

  • added First 2021 release
  • added PHP Auto load code, you can defined functions in auto load codes, these functions will be available in Parameters and Applications
  • fixed Minor style fixes and improvements

v9.8 (BuildID 20201217) (2020-12-19)

  • added Improved Number Report, allow add additional line charts for each total entry
  • fixed WordCloud Chart
  • fixed Minor style fixes and improvements
  • removed Grav site plugin removed

v9.8 (BuildID 20201212) (2020-12-12)

  • added Initialize application plugin system
  • added Allow extra YAML header for each query
  • fixed Edit the default optional title
  • fixed Minor style fixes and improvements

v9.8 (BuildID 20201206) (2020-12-08)

  • fixed Initialize V9.8 release
  • fixed Major elastic dashbaord bug fixes
  • removed Star feature for Elastic Dashboard
  • fixed Context Selector should be included for application shared links
  • added Use Google Puppeteer to render applications offline

v9.7 (BuildID 20201202) (2020-12-02)

  • added Customizate application titles on Elastic Dashboard
  • fixed Major elastic dashbaord bug fixes
  • added Prepare New design Cloud version (Based on Amazon Hosting)

v9.7 (BuildID 20201128) (2020-11-28)

  • added New designed context selector, we can customize context selector in Parameters section
  • removed Remove connection as default context selector
  • removed remove last visit & favorite at the top-right corner

v9.7 (BuildID 20201121) (2020-11-22)

  • fixed Renaming query application not working
  • fixed Chaning Table Row Action not working
  • removed Removing staring for Query application
  • fixed Reduce padding for query application
  • fixed Some minor style fixes
  • fixed Missing series options for multiple queries in tabular application

v9.7 (BuildID 20201116) (2020-11-16)

  • fixed Quick filters conditions not applied to exported CSV
  • fixed The history tab name not changed after changed the application name
  • fixed Not able to edit table row action issue

v9.7 (BuildID 20201105) (2020-11-05)

  • fixed caculated_fields in script front matter for Tabular Applications
  • added sort_fields in script front matter to re-sort the tabular columns