DbFace Changelogs

v9.7 (BuildID 20201128) (2020-11-28)

  • added New designed context selector, we can customize context selector in Parameters section
  • removed Remove connection as default context selector
  • removed remove last visit & favorite at the top-right corner

v9.7 (BuildID 20201121) (2020-11-22)

  • fixed Renaming query application not working
  • fixed Chaning Table Row Action not working
  • removed Removing staring for Query application
  • fixed Reduce padding for query application
  • fixed Some minor style fixes
  • fixed Missing series options for multiple queries in tabular application

v9.7 (BuildID 20201116) (2020-11-16)

  • fixed Quick filters conditions not applied to exported CSV
  • fixed The history tab name not changed after changed the application name
  • fixed Not able to edit table row action issue

v9.7 (BuildID 20201105) (2020-11-05)

  • added caculated_fields in script front matter for Tabular Applications
  • added sort_fields in script front matter to re-sort the tabular columns

v9.7 (BuildID 20201101) (2020-11-01)

  • removed Retired Data Board feature, you can build wigets in Elastic Dashboards.
  • added Add widgets in Elastic Dashboard directly (like Data Board).
  • fixed Many minor style fixes.

v9.6 (BuildID 20201027) (2020-10-27)

  • added Optional scripts for tabular applications.
  • fixed Minor style fixes for checkbox in Global Filters.
  • added Rework the DCI, will improve the DCI on the next update.

v9.6 (BuildID 20201008) (2020-10-08)

  • fixed Data board chart report broken.
  • added onSortFields plugin hook point for re-sorting fields in dbface plugins
  • added VUE template supported, reuse ant design vue componnets in DbFace applications.
  • removed We removed React support for lack of usage.

v9.6 (BuildID 20200907) (2020-09-17)

  • added HTML report now support VUE applications. This is a BIG thing for DbFace. Powered by Vue features, We will build complex full-featured web applications in DbFace.

  • added Custom PHP libraries import, in the user directory, you can use composer require command to import third-party php libraries. this libraries are imported automatically, and can be use in PHP Code directly.

  • added Improve application accessiable, we added an history application quick access bar, so you can navigate to other applications more easier.

  • added Introduce DbFace Application Plugin system. People will code plugin to extend DbFace or DbFace applications later. The feature is still improving, and might be changed.

v9.5 (BuildID 20200906) (2020-09-06)

v9.5 (BuildID 20200901) (2020-09-01)

  • added We can put variable.ini file into user/files/1/system/ directory, DbFace will load this file and assign all variables into application scripts.
  • added Allow use import tag in yaml front-matter to import external yaml files into application script
  • fixed use $db (please change $this->db to $db in cloud codes) in cloud code to refer current database connection.